CMR National PU College

CMR National PU College is a tribute to Sri Chikka Muniyappa Reddy a visionary with a pratical Mission. Sri Reddy's commitment to the society will only find a rare parallel. He believed that education is a catalyst to the growth and development of any society; and that quality education must be integral to everybody. It is this vision that led to the birth CMR Jnanadhara Trust and through it a number of institutions ranging from Montessori to Post Graduate courses and Engineering Programmes.

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CMR National PU College


"Vision without action is just a dream, Action without vision is just an activity. Action and vision can together change the world", said Joel Barker. This Belief finds a superb manifestation in life of late Sri Chikka Muniyappa Reddy. Read More


CMR Jnanadhara Trust has been spear heading in various fields with the belief that professional excellence need not necessarily be inborn, but can be devloped through a well conceived and nurturing enviornment and therefore, one can add value to any organization. Read More

Our College.....1E ROCKS...!

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